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Accumetal Completes Building Addition
Accumetal, September 2nd, 2010

Accumetal Manufacturing Inc. has a 10,000 sq ft addition.

With the recent completion of our building addition we’ve added a new chemical wash and paint facility and increased the number of welding bays.

In the chemical wash we are using a new environmentally friendly product that is a nonphosphate paint pretreatment. This product uses Zirconization for superior paint adhesion. In salt spray testing we’ve done, it has exceeded paint manufacture’s requirements. It has also increased our product through put, which has given us more painting capacity.

The additional space also allowed us room for larger welding bays and more efficient use of our Robotic welding cell. Expanding our welding bays will give us more flexibility in the types of product we can produce for our customers.

We’ve also have expanded our shipping and parts storage area. Our Engineering department has moved into new offices that were added to the mezzanine. The new addition will give us room for future fabricating equipment such as a Laser Cutter.

Accumetal will continue to invest in facilities and the latest technology to better serve its’ customers.

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